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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  January 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> a man arrested, trying to save his dogs from his burning home. >> what that man just told us and why deputies say he's now facing charges. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell in for ginger gadsden. we'll have that story in just a minute. but first, it looks like our cold snap is over, at least for now. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. so how much warmer are we going to be tonight versus last night? >> about 8 degrees, enough to
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come on, it's going to be so different. >> you can feel that. >> we'll get rid of the cold snap for three days. three days and then back to some problems. right now, on satellite and radar together, another storm system rolling north of us. if you're trying to fly to washington, d.c. tomorrow, good luck with all that. look at what's going on here. this morning we dropped to an overnight low of 25 in gainesville. 27 did it in ocala. we hit 32 in the villages. 35 in sanford and out at o.i.a., we hit the forecast overnight low of 38 degrees right on the noggin. tonight, wow, we stay in the 50's for you a very long time. by 9:00 tonight, we're down to 55. 10 p.m., 52. and 11:00, 50. i'll be right back to pinpoint the overnight lows where you live tonight. i'll go ahead and tell you, there are no warnings. then we'll talk about the warm-up tomorrow, what a pretty day it's going to be and then the next cold front comes marching in. i'll pinpoint that for you as well. >> thank you, tom.
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right now at 5:30. at least four people are hurt tonight and oak ridge road is still shut down in both directions. this after a school bus crashed near sadler elementary school. orange county deputies say multiple cars were involved in this, but there were no kids on the bus at the time of the crash. fire/rescue, though, is asking everyone to avoid this area if they can. we'll continue to bring you the very latest as we get it. >> a brevard county man is facing charges tonight after deputies say he would not listen to firefighters. >> we're told he kept trying to go back into his burning home to save his dogs. deputies say they had to arrest the 58-year-old wendall joiner. they say he would not stop trying to get back into the burning home, even took a firefighter's axe at one point to try to get inside. news 6 reporter eric sandoval joins us live from cocoa. do we know if the firefighters were able to rescue those dogs? >> actually, i did speak with brevard county fire/rescue this afternoon. they were able to get inside
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three dogs. they're doing just fine. the same cannot be said about the man who lives here, wendall joiner. they say he used a fireman's axe to break through the window here, when deputies threw him to the ground and arrested him. tonight we're asking brevard county sheriff's office if maybe they used too much force. >> 10 hours after being hauled away in handcuffs from his burning home in cocoa, wendall joiner returned, reliving the moments he woke up to smoke. >> i got out of the house, period. and then i realized, oh, wait a minute, my dogs are in there. so i went back in the house to look for my dogs. >> joiner tells us he went back inside several times, barely able to breathe, looking for his three dogs. even though firefighters say they ordered him to stay out. >> i ain't heard a firefighter tell me not to go back in. i'm quite sure they may have, you know what i'm saying? but i ain't heard no firefighter tell me not to go back in there.
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firefighter's axe and smashed through this front window. that's when deputies say they tackled him in the driveway, roughing up his face. he was taken to the hospital to be checked out and then booked in the brevard county jail on charges of disrupting the public and resisting arrest. these are his dogs. they're okay and now in the care of family members. but joiner says deputies went too far in taking him down, especially as his home burned. >> no, no whatsoever do i think i deserved to be slammed into the concrete and then drug off to a hospital. >> now, i just talked with brevard county sheriff's office to get their take on what happened in this driveway early this morning. they say joiner seemed intoxicated when they got here out on the scene. they also say they feared what he may have done with this axe, especially since he appeared impaired. they also said they did drag him
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they say grabbing the fireman's axe would have been a felony charge. >> really a tough situation. eric sandoval, thank you. detectives in polk county are asking for your help tonight to figure out who is behind the death of a 38-year-old man. >> deputies say his body was found in a wooded area in davenport yesterday afternoon. investigators say alexander vigo, jr. was last seen sunday night before his body was found with an apparent gunshot. deputies are asking you to call crimestoppers if you know where he might have been or who he might have been with between sunday and yesterday. >> in osceola county, deputies say a months long child porn investigation has landed a man behind bars. he's now facing charges in a case that's been going on since last july. investigators say his computer
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>> in osceola county deputies want to know if you recognize a man responsible for burglarizing two businesses in kissimmee. the first one happened on january 13th at the cvs store on o.b.t. and two days later, the road. in both cases, investigators say while he was in the process of purchasing items with cash, he reached across the counter and stole money from the open drawers. if you recognize him, call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. you could be eligible for up to a $1,000 reward. >> well, a third case of a new mosquito-borne illness is confirmed in florida tonight. this one is in hillsborough county. two cases in miami-dade county were confirmed yesterday. >> in addition to those cases have been confirmed in illinois, texas and hawaii, including a baby born with a serious birth defect and doctors are connecting that to this virus. in all of these cases, the c.d.c. says the victims recently
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>> in the last year, thousands of babies have been born in brazil with a birth defect where babies are born with abnormally small heads. >> that's usually associated with some type of brain abnormality, brain damage. >> health experts say it could be connected to a zika virus. >> if a woman is pregnant and gets the virus, it can be transmitted to the baby through the placenta. the symptoms are very mild flu-like illnesses. >> that's why the c.d.c. has issued an alert for pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant about traveling to countries where the zika virus is prevalent. >> anytime you start dealing with anything you know may cause fetal abnormality, the concern becomes very great. >> the doctor is an ob/gyn in st. petersburg offers this advice.
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delaying that visit, but if you are going, then you definitely have to use all the preventive measures that you can. >> you need to wear an insect repellant containing deet. if you're worried about using deet while pregnant, the benefits outweigh the risks say the doctor. >> it's an outer protectant that you're wearing and should not cause any systemic effect. >> the florida department of health says even if you're not traveling abroad right now, take extra precautions at your home to protect you and your family from all mosquito-borne illnesses, including draining standing water on your property, covering your skin with long slooefss and repellant and make sure the doors and windows are covered to keep mosquitos out of your house. >> let's get a check of the roads with julie. >> breaking news at west oak
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down as a result of that crash. you can use windemere/conroy road. i-4 in both directions is slow from the downtown area to the turnpike up to state road 408. >> thank you, julie. crews hit a major milestone on a project that will cost more than a billion dollars and stretch across several counties. >> eventually it will be about
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but today a three-mile stretch of the wekiva parkway is opening. when it's done, it will run from the end of state road 429 in apopka all the way to i-4 in seminole county. here's more on the long-awaited event. >> this is just the first stretch of a $1.6 billion project designed to give drivers a new access to the western half of the orlando metro area. >> the question was, you know, would this ever happen? and it did. >> after more than 30 years of negotiations and planning, the beginning of the beltway is now open. >> we've had a tremendous amount of public involvement, both during the study and the planning and the design of this project to get to this stage. we've had literally hundreds of public meetings. >> this three-mile section of the wekiva parkway extends from state road 46 east of camp challenge road to county road 435, also known as mount
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>> it will help relieve congestion on the remaining roads. they'll see less traffic. >> after a pushback from wildlife conservationists, the state required the agency to purchase 3400 acres of land for conservation, something that had never been done before in conjunction with a roadway. >> there's a lot of planning, right-of-way and engineering that goes into something like this and with this, the environmental concerns, where there are environmental studies that you have to do before you build something like this. >> the parkway has electronic tooling, flood plain, wildlife bridge and fencing and jumpouts for animals that wander through. >> the next plan is to extend the road another five miles and build a bridge over the wekiva river, bringing drivers into seminole county. the finished project will be in 2021 when this road connects with i-4. >> thank you. if you're considering buying a new big tv for the super bowl,
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>> plus chipotle is making yet another change to try and prevent more outbreaks of foodborne illnesses in the future. what they're doing now is up next. >> man, they're swinging for the bleachers, aren't they? >> they need to. >> coming back, coming back. overnight lows this morning were cold, cold, cold. i'll be back to talk about those and show you how much we warmed up today and how much better things are going to be tomorrow. >> this is the scene at the citrus bowl right now. why stadium leaders are filling
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>> all right. so it's the cold snap that's apparently over, but another one is heading our way in just days. >> for now, though, we can enjoy some temperatures getting closer to normal for the end of this week.
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campos is pinpointing your weather in clermont right now. >> finally, right? we're finally done with the cold snap before it returns, just in time for the weekend, of course. we're going to be product around town, not in clermont, but in the c's, casselberry. temperatures are going to continue to drop in the upper 40's, still much warmer than where we were at the same time last night. as we head into thursday, check out your temperatures. warming up to about 72 degrees. i feel like that's not too hot, not too cold, just about right. you can see by thursday night, look at temperatures by 10 p.m., back into the mid-50's. but enjoy the 70's while we have them, because as tom will be talking about later in the show, it will be cooling back down in time for the weekend come saturday and sunday. >> let's enjoy it while we have it. thank you. coming up tonight at 11:00, by now you've seen 3-d printed arms helping kids, but researchers
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>> what we're doing right now is we're printing a 3-d model of the heart. >> yeah, tonight, news 6 investigates how 3-d-printed heart models could help save lives in our communities and how far we are from printing the real thing, at 11:00. fascinating stuff. >> and embattled restaurant chain chipotle getting ready to take drastic new measures to ensure food safety. >> this comes in the wake of the norovirus and e. coli outbreaks linked to the chain. the idea is that employees do not feel like they have to come to work sick, it will help reduce the chances of their customers getting sick. the chain is also closing all their restaurants across the country for the afternoon on february 8th. chipotle says it will be using that time for a company-wide
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>> if you bought a baby onesy recently from disney, you want to make sure it's not recalled. they say the snaps can detach from the cloth and become a choking hazard. sizes 3 months to 24 months are included in the recall. you can contact disney parks and resorts for a full refund. >> well, if you're thinking about buying a new tv ahead of the big game or you just want your news 6 anchors to look a little more crisp, you may want to wait a little bit longer. fat says this is the most popular time of the year to buy a new retailer, which means a lot of retailers put them on super bowl special sales for the next few weeks. some retailers like wal-mart are starting to post the deals. but according to a fat wallet expert, if you wait until next week, you could save at least tv. everybody wants to have people over for the big game. bit.
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brand-new tv hooked up, you can watch the super bowl in one spot, right here on news 6. the big game kicks off february 7th at 6:30 and we'll be here for the news afterwards. >> yeah, on your giant new television screen, our mugs, and matt's pores. enjoy. >> i don't think where she's going with that. i think she thinks i have big pores. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. it's turned out to be a great day. >> it has. if you liked today, you'll love tomorrow. it's going to be better. >> bring it on. >> take a look at this. we woke up this morning to the arctic circle. it was 25 in gainesville and 27 in ocala and 32 in the villages and 35 in leesburg and you warmed up a little bit when you get down to orlando. we stopped at 38. melbourne bottomed out at 40 and 46 in cocoa beach. temperatures today we rebounded nicely. we made it back to 65 for the
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you look at that versus the normals and we're still behind the game, about 6 degrees below normal and nowhere near the record. let's talk about how everyone else did today. in ocala you made it back to 64. 62 was the daytime high today in gainesville. we hit 64 at the cape. 65 from cocoa beach to melbourne. where are we now? >> well, off the mark a little bit. we made it back to 65 from sanford to orlando. but now, we've dropped. only 1 degree or so in the last hour. it depends on where you are again. still 64 in ocala. 61 in the villages and a very warm 64 in kissimmee. wind direction, it's gone calm on the western side of the viewing area except for ocala, coming in here from the south at 6 and sanford from the southeast at 5 and cocoa beach from the northeast at 12 miles per hour. so it really does depend on where you are as to how much wind you have. satellite and radar together showing you the location of the cloud cover, and it is all south. we're going to stay really clear
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during the overnight, there may be a touch of cloud cover moving in from the gulf coast in our southern parts of the viewing area. that's about it. tomorrow, we load up on the cloud cover, though, as we begin to warm up. we're going to turn the corner tomorrow even stronger than we did today. today, 60's. tomorrow, 70's, with a daytime high tomorrow going all the way back anywhere from 74 to 76, depending on where you are. by friday, the next cold front is knocking on the door. here it comes. this is 10 a.m. a touch of light rain through marion county. this is 1:00 in the afternoon. here's our frontal boundary about right here. the difference between the last couple and this one is this one doesn't have the support to really explode. so by 3:00 in the afternoon on friday, just little pockets of rain out there from orange county to polk county and pushed on through by 7 p.m. the low tonight is a world away from what we've been through. still chilly, but not cold. 37 in ocala. in orlando tonight the low is
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>> temperature reading at 8 a.m. is 49. 66 by lunchtime. and, boom, all the way back to 74 by 4 p.m. friday's high is 76 degrees. your rain chance on friday is 70%. and saturday looks to be a really weird day. a cold front comes through. we're dry on saturday and very, very windy. 57 is the high. 38 is the overnight low saturday night. that's in orlando. which means those of you in marion, lake, another freeze warning will be back out saturday night. >> it's hard to get out when it's under 60 on the weekends. >> i agree. >> no kidding. >> thank you, tom. >> when we come back, find out why the citrus bowl is completely covered in dirt. >> plus, how did you stay warm last night? see how some local sea creatures stood up to last night's chilly temperatures in a rather unusual way. >> and coming up at 6:00, more lane closures and traffic shifts on the big drive.
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>> last night's near freezing temperatures were cold enough to
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in nature. >> two very different sea creatures spent the early morning hours together today. you can see them in the big bend power plant in the apollo beach area. a couple of sharks were keeping warm alongside a group of manatees. the warmer temperatures near the power plant was the perfect place for the animals to enjoy during the freezing temperatures overnight. >> don't mess with the manatees. >> no, no. if you look inside the citrus bowl right now, there's a good chance you won't even recognize it. >> instead of a smooth turf surface, it's in the process of dirt. sky 6 flew over the stadium this afternoon as crews worked to bring in 300 truckloads of dirt. it's all to transform it into a monster truck obstacle course ahead of this weekend's monster jam. event leaders say it will take about three days to complete
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the monster jam roars into the citrus bowl on saturday night at 7:00 and is expected to draw at least 60,000 fans. have you been to the monster jam? >> i've never been, no. >> you can hear it for quite a ways in downtown orlando. >> i'm just shocked they can do it in three days. >> they're working several hours. >> yeah. >> coming up next at 6:00, dramatic moments caught on camera during a police chase. >> dash-cam video shows when three teens crash into a police chief's car. >> after an orlando police shoot a man holding an air soft gun. we're talking to the experts. >> we're following breaking news. a man is killed during a hunting accident. what we're learning from
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